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Breast Implants Tampa Bay

At Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, our breast augmentation procedure has helped countless patients achieve the fullness, symmetry and contour they desire. Along with Dr. Brown’s guidance, it is important before a patient proceeds with breast augmentation that they research all implant options to find the best implant for their desired goal. We offer a range of implants for our specialized breast augmentation procedure.

Types of Implants


  • Silicone implants have been the leading implant choice for patients. Implants are a viable option for patients that desire a natural look and feel.


  • These implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution and are filled upon insertion. Saline implants are a flexible option that allows patients to have more freedom to choose their desired breast volume.

Gummy Bear

  • Gummy bear implants are composed of malleable silicone gel that resists ruptures and leaks. This implant maintains its shape with a natural look and feel.

Round Implants

  • We offer styles of various round implants that cater to patient’s desired aesthetics. Round implants are often used for patients who would like to accentuate a rounder breast appearance.

Shaped Implants

  • These implants add the most volume to the breast while maintaining a firm shape and natural slope to the upper half of the breast.

The Right Implant for You

Dr. Brown is committed to helping patients attain their ideal breast shape and size. During the initial consultation, he will perform a short exam of the breast area and discuss with the patient their ideal aesthetic. Dr. Brown will take into consideration the patient’s body type, current breast size and volume to make a recommendation that will address all of the patient’s goals. He will spend time educating the patient on each implant option to help them make the best decision to attain their ideal breasts.


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What To Expect With Breast Augmentation & Implants

Dr. Brown will discuss all procedural details, any necessary medication and recovery timelines with the patient before the breast augmentation procedure. He will create an open dialogue for the patient to discuss any further questions or concerns about the procedure. Dr. Brown strives to make every patient’s experience at Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery as seamless and comfortable as possible by being involved throughout the entire process.

The Procedure

During the procedure, an incision is strategically placed to insert the breast implant. The location of the incision will be chosen based on the safest placement and the desired breast aesthetic. Incision can be made in various places around the breast area to place the implant. The most common incision used during this procedure is the inframammary fold incision and is made at the bottom of the breast. The periareolar incision is made where the skin meets the areola. The axillary incision is made in the fold of the armpit. Once the proper incision has been made, the implant will be placed. After the implant has been inserted, Dr. Brown will carefully close the incision.

Post Procedure Recovery

Immediately after the procedure, breasts will be wrapped and compressed to reduce swelling and help breasts heal into their new shape. Dr. Brown will schedule a post operative check-up appointment to monitor the recovery and answer any of the patient’s questions. After one week, patients will be able to return to normal activities with the exception of strenuous activities. Swelling and bruising should go down around two weeks after surgery. Around six weeks, patients’ breasts will start settling into place.

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