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Tummy Tuck Tampa Bay

Tummy Tuck Tampa Bay

Abdominoplasty surgery is also known as the popular Tummy Tuck Tampa Bay surgery. Further, it is one of the most popular and requested cosmetic surgery procedures. For this reason, Dr. Brown has a very unique approach to each patient getting surgery on their stomach. Did you know it's the perfect treatment for that stubborn apron of loose skin? This is the skin that hangs at the bottom of your abdomen.

As a result, this procedure is a great option for women post-pregnancy or for those who have lost a lot of weight. You can get the stomach you want with tight and toned skin.

Our patients who undergo this treatment report a huge boost in their self-confidence. This is because of the improvement made to their physical appearance. Hence, they have a lack of self-consciousness, both in and out of clothing. There are different types of abdominoplasty procedures aimed at improving the abdomen. Next, let's take a look at the procedure or surgery itself.

Understanding This Operation

An Abdominoplasty, or Tummy Tuck Tampa Bay, aims to improve the look of the entire central core. For many patients, this procedure achieves the following:

  1. Removes stretch marks
  2. Creates an enhanced definition of the belly button or umbilicus
  3. Removes excess skin
  4. Tightens abdominal skin
  5. Tightens and repairs the six-pack muscles (or rectus abdominis)
  6. Narrows the waistline
  7. Improves self-confidence

For these reasons and more, it is one of the most transformative procedures for patients. Also, it is one of the best available in a plastic surgeon’s armamentarium. Dr. Brown pays particular attention to abdominal contour, definition, and the belly button. He uses a special suturing technique. Because of this technique, it will help to shape and mold a beautiful belly button. He believes this is essential to beautiful abdomen.


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Mini Tummy Tuck

The Mini Tummy Tuck Tampa Bay addresses excess skin in the lower abdomen. Most often, the scar is shorter and, if necessary, gets tightened. It does this by fixing the laxity between the six pack muscles. This aims to address the “baby bulge” that never went away. The belly button stays in place and does not have a scar around it.

Full Tummy Tuck

This is one of the most powerful tools of transformation in a plastic surgeon’s belt. With this surgery, Dr. Brown removes skin and fat from the upper and lower stomach. Then he redrapes the skin and excises the excess. The belly button pops out through its new position and is more defined. Many patients say it now has a more youthful appearance. Take note, it is still your belly button but more refined looking.

How do the six pack muscles get tightened? They are sewn together in the mid-line. Because of this, it narrows the waistline creating an hourglass appearance. The incision is almost always made from hip to hip. With a scar around the belly button as well, which is well camouflaged.


Lipoabdominoplasty is a very specialized form of abdominoplasty that Dr. Brown excels in. Some patients are excellent candidates for this state of the art procedure. He performs liposculpture across the abdomen as well. Coupled with a full abdominoplasty surgery. Together, these further enhance the abdominal contour and create beautiful definition. Hence, these procedures create very powerful visual changes to your midsection.

Liposuction is particularly focused on the hips, flanks, and lower ribs. It creates a pronounced hourglass appearance. As a result, the effect is visible both in and out of clothing.

Extended Abdominoplasty

Have you had Bariatric surgery? Or lost a significant amount of weight? If you answered yes to either of these you may enjoy the results of the Extended Tummy Tuck Tampa Bay. With this operation, the scars are longer. This helps to achieve a great result in the abdominal wall contour.

As a general rule, the pubic region is also lifted with this surgery. Because of this, there is universal improvement in the torso. As well as a more harmonious improvement to your stomach as a whole.

Reverse Abdominoplasty

Sometimes not all the skin on the upper part of the stomach gets tight enough with a mini or full tummy surgery. As a result, a reverse tummy surgery is an option. With this operation, the skin gets pulled up toward the breasts/lower chest. It is useful if you need a secondary or revision surgery. Imagine all the skin laxity that begins to develop as we age, too!

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Considering Tummy Tuck Tampa Bay Surgery?

Did you know that men get this surgery almost as much as women? That's right! If you are close to your ideal weight, men and women of any age are great candidates. Ideal weight is an important point to remember. This helps to ensure accuracy for the final result, which can always change with more weight loss.

Also. Dr. Brown recommends that women wait until they have no future plans to become pregnant. Why you might ask? , This can reverse the changes made in abdominoplasty. We also suggest you look at our Tummy Tuck Tampa Bay Photo Gallery as a reference point.

Great Reasons To Get A Flat Stomach!

  • Lack of self confidence due to excess abdominal skin
  • Excess stretch marks in the lower abdomen and around the belly button
  • Excess stretch marks in lower abdomen and around belly button
  • Ill defined belly button in the setting of excess skin
  • Separation of six-pack muscles, also called diastasis recti
  • Roundness of the abdomen despite low body fat and healthy diet/lifestyle
  • Uneven scar from C-section
  • Overhanging skin from weight loss, C-section, or previous pregnancy
  • Crepe-paper appearance of abdominal skin from pregnancy
  • You can grab fist-fulls of skin on your abdomen due to excess skin

Getting Started With A Consultation

  • Initial discussion
  • Physical exam
  • Photographs
  • Treatment planning

At your initial consultation, Dr. Brown will speak with you and listen to your concerns. He will get a thorough history while doing so. Dr. Brown will take every precaution in making sure to focus on safety over everything else. Next, you will get a physical exam to assess your abdominal skin. Also, Dr. Brown will look at:

1. Your six-pack muscles
2. Presence of any hernias
3. Presence of any preexisting scars
4. Stretch marks
5. Areas of excess fat

To determine the best treatment option, this exam is very important. Next, Dr. Brown will take photos of your stomach. These are part of your confidential medical record. These are not published without your explicit verbal and written consent. Finally, a safe treatment plan that will help you to best reach your goals.

You should also make a complimentary second preoperative consultation. Why is this necessary? First, you can get more questions answered. Second, you will get your prescriptions ahead of time. Third, you can fill them before your surgery. In closing, everything is ready for you when you get home after your operation.

Tummy Tuck Tampa Bay Recovery Timeframe

Most patients undergo general anesthesia when having this surgery. But they do go home the same day while very few need to stay overnight. Drains help to prevent the development of fluid collections as a result of surgery. Dr. Brown utilizes a very modern technique of local anesthesia. Because of this, surgical pain will be less right after the immediate operation.

Most patients feel pretty well after a few days, but are sore for about 2 weeks. You should start walking and only engage in mild activity. Anything strenuous should not happen for almost 6 weeks. Why you might ask? This is to prevent complications and ensure the best possible outcome!

Day 0 to 2 Weeks
  • Walking bent at the waist eliminates tension on the incision
2 to 4 weeks
  • Walking upright is more comfortable
  • Light activity can resume here with minimal engagement of core musculature
  • Often, a garment or abdominal binder gets worn night and day for this period
4 to 6 weeks
  • Modest increase in activity
  • You should wear the garment or binder for 12 hours a day
6 weeks
  • Enjoy your new body without restrictions


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Patient Stories

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Real Patient Questions!

Can you combine this procedure with others?

Tummy tucks are often combined with other procedures. The most common variation of this is the Mommy Makeover Tampa Bay. It involves stomach surgery with some combination of breast enhancement. Like a breast lift with implants or a breast augmentation. Sometimes it is even combined with liposuction on various parts of the lower body.

How long after pregnancy should I wait before having this surgery?

Great question and the medical answer is to wait at least a year. Both Dr. Brown and other plastic surgeons agree a year is ample time after pregnancy. This will allow the patient’s body to achieve its new baseline. Dr. Brown often recommends waiting a bit longer for many patients.

As a father and a dedicated husband, he understands the physical demands on a mom. For example, it is difficult to carry a toddler and a baby bag upwards of 25 pounds. Most new moms don't have someone with them all day to help carry the extra weight. It is a very taxing thing on your body. For this reason, it is best to wait until the one year mark to have surgery.

Do I really have to stop working out for 6 weeks??

Yes! You are able to perform light activities and exercise. But, it’s important to avoid strenuous activity. This surgery repairs the six-pack muscles or the “Diastis Recti“. The abdominal wall musculature structure needs time to heal. Especially in its new position. On average, this takes about 6 weeks to reach its greatest strength. Dr. Brown encourages patients to stick to this time frame.

Would you like to know what Dr. Brown often tells patients? This procedure will have done more to improve your physique than any 6 weeks of working out could do. Also, prepare yourself to see results you haven’t seen in years when you resume your workouts. A healthy lifestyle and rigorous exercise regimen will only maximize your results. Also, it will sustain them after the 6 weeks, too!


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