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Nipple Surgery Tampa Bay

Some women are happy with the overall shape and appearance of their breasts but are self-conscious about the shape or size of their nipples or areolae (pigmented area around the nipple). Women may not have nipples secondary to a genetic abnormality or after having them removed from cancer. Having nipples that are long, asymmetric, inverted or having areolae that are misshapen, wide, or asymmetric can be very concerning for some women, particularly while they are being intimate. Depending on the bothersome feature, there may be a procedure that can permanently correct this. Dr. Brown has a great deal of experience in nipple reduction, including complete reconstruction.


For women with long or protruding nipples that show in clothing and are difficult to hide, a nipple reduction procedure can be performed to shorten the nipple. The position of the scar depends on the shape of the nipple and the necessary changes to create the desired appearance. Regardless of the technique, these scars tend to be incredibly well hidden and virtually invisible.

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Nipple Shape & Position

For women with inverted nipples, a procedure can be performed that releases bands pulling the tip of the nipple inward, allowing the nipple to “stand up” the way most patients would prefer.

For women with widened or misshapen areolae, this can be corrected with a type of a breast lift called a circumareolar breast lift or mastopexy. In this procedure, excess pigmented skin around the areola is removed, creating a more defined, circular appearance to the areola as well as creating a more fixed diameter, that will be more proportioned to the rest of the breast.

Complete nipple reconstruction can be achieve by creating small flaps of skin on the breast, which are elevated and sewn together to create a standing nipple. Using modern 3D tattooing techniques, the areola is then created to achieve beautiful results.

What To Expect

Any of these procedures may be combined with another operation, including a breast augmentation with implants, breast lift, breast reduction, or breast reconstruction. If this is the only procedure being performed, it can be done under local anesthesia with virtually no downtime. Once things are healed, women can be confident in their appearance both in and out of clothing.

Are The Results Permanent?

Results from nipple surgery are typically permanent when performed correctly. Time will always create changes in soft tissue as it moves along, but the ultimate effects of each of these procedures lasts forever.

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