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Breast revision surgery can be very complex and requires a hybrid approach from the cosmetic and reconstructive mindset. Dr. Brown has extensive training and experience in each of these arenas and employs principles from each of them when considering safe surgical options in correcting secondary deformities from previous breast augmentation surgeries. Every breast surgery, especially revisions, requires a thorough workup and evaluation, extensive planning, and detailed communication about your starting point, your goals, and the realistic results you can expect to achieve. Not everyone is a candidate for breast revision surgery, and not every revision can be done in a single operation.

Reasons For Considering Breast Revision Surgery

The decision on whether or when to move forward with a breast revision surgery is a difficult one. In most instances, the best thing to do is to wait 1 year after your last operation to allow your body and tissues to heal and settle into a “stable state.”

This allows for the most accuracy in obtaining a more definitive final result. Below are listed some of the reasons to consider breast revision surgery:

  • Issues with the breast implant itself, such as leak, rupture, malposition, or for size issues Problems with the capsule around the implant, which can harden, thicken, cause pain and distort the implant (capsular contracture).
  • Malposition of implants, such as bottoming out (implant too low), lateralization (implant out to the side/in the armpit), or medialization (too close to the midline) of the implants.
  • Symmastia, which is when the implants cross the midline or raise up the skin between the breasts.
  • Double-bubble deformity, where the breast either sits above or below the implant and there is an unnatural crease or a “snoopy” deformity
  • Movement of the implant can occur when lying flat or with activity if the pocket is overly large and the implant has too much room to move around
  • Animation deformity occurs when the implant is placed under the pectoralis muscle and the implant is displaced when the muscle contracts.
  • Recurrence of breast hypertrophy after previous reduction, which typically affects women who had a breast reduction at a very young age.
  • Excessive scarring around the areola or along the breast.
  • Implants are too big and patient is desiring a more natural look.
  • Visible rippling of the implants can occur more commonly with certain types of implants and in thin individuals.

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Surgical Options For Breast Revision Surgery

The list of potential reasons for considering breast revision surgery is extensive. Therefore, the surgical treatment or treatments must be specifically aimed at treating each specific problem. Options for fixing some of these problems include surgical correction of the implant scar capsule (releasing it, closing it down, removing it, etc.), tailoring the skin of the breast and the breast tissue to improve shape, repositioning a previously placed implant, reinforcing the soft tissues with material such as Acellular Dermal Matrix or “mesh”, removing a previously placed implant and placing a new implant with a different style and gel characteristics, etc.

Dr. Brown will take the time to listen to you and specifically map out the things that can be improved upon and how best to obtain them. The key is to maintain realistic expectations and always prioritize your safety when considering your surgical options. Visit Dr. Brown at Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery to see if breast revision surgery is right for you. We offer specialized plastic surgery procedures for the Tampa, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Westchase and Brandon areas.

Breast Revision Tampa, Lutz, Land O’Lakes

Dr. Brown is highly regarded for offering one of the best plastic surgery Tampa has available, so you can trust him with your breast revision.


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