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Breast Asymmetry Tampa Bay

Dr. Brown takes time to listen to and connect with his patients. This important process allows Dr. Brown and the patient to crystallize specific goals for each patient to help them achieve what they are looking for. Dr. Brown’s specialized breast asymmetry procedure is no exception. The key is to focus on safety, both now and in the future, by determining the smallest implant that will achieve your desired outcome.


Different techniques may be necessary to obtain the necessary results to meet your ideal aesthetic:

It is important to note that any one procedure or combination of procedures can be customized to each breast to create the patient’s desired look. For patients with asymmetry in their nipples or areolae, different procedures may be performed to correct enlarged areola, long projecting nipples, inverted nipples, or missing nipples (either from genetic abnormality or previous mastectomy).

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation
Some patients prefer a natural increase in breast size to an implant. These patients may benefit from the fat transfer method. This approach uses fat harvested from a donor site on the patient’s body and re-injects the purified fat into the breasts. The fat is injected gradually in layers to ensure that there is no appearance of wrinkles or uneven pockets.

What to Expect

Most of these procedures will be performed under general anesthesia in a surgical facility. The recovery period varies depending on the surgical approach taken. In general, following breast surgery, patients are able to get up and around but must limit activity for a couple of days. Most patients are back to a normal routine within 7-10 days and exercise will be gradual at about 3-6 weeks. Results following breast surgery to correct asymmetry are rewarding for most patients and can help bring back self-confidence, especially when wearing tighter fitting clothes.

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