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Recent Trends in Breast Augmentation

A decade or so ago, you probably felt embarrassed asking about breast augmentation. But a quick glance at your social media feed today will show that women are now more empowered to seek enhancements for their looks.

Plastic surgery is no longer taboo. And with the help of the latest technology, more women can improve their appearance in the most natural ways.

Among various plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation remains to be one of the most popular. The options for a “boob job” are now very promising with the rise of these current trends:

Gummy Bear Implants

Traditional silicone implants lose their shape after a few years. Patients who’ve had breast augmentations 10 years ago should get a new pair to keep their shape and to prevent the implant from rupturing or leaking.

A ruptured implant could seep through the body and require longer additional surgery. There’s also the issue of whether seepage may cause cancer or not.

The latest silicone implants retain their shape better even when cut in half, so ruptures are no longer a problem. Gummy Bear Implants retain their shape even when cut in half. With this innovative technology, more women can enjoy younger-looking breasts without worrying about possible leakage.

Under-the-Muscle Breast Augmentation

Traditionally, breast augmentation involves having incisions on the side of the breasts, near the armpits. With this type of augmentation, scarring is usually visible. But under-the-muscle breast augmentation is a less invasive procedure with minimal scarring.

This type of breast augmentation requires extreme precision to minimize bleeding, bruising, and inflammation. With extreme precision, the plastic surgeon will create a pocket in the breast.

As the name suggests, the implants will go underneath the muscle and not on top as with the traditional practice. This gives the breasts a more natural looking shape. However, this type of augmentation is not for everyone.

Women with a greater amount of breast tissue may see better results with the traditional over-the-muscle breast augmentation.

Breast lift + Augmentation

Augmentation-mastopexy is the combination of breast augmentation and breast lift. Some patients don’t want to go through separate surgeries, so doing both procedures in one go is more sensible for them.

The risks involved in having the surgeries separately and at the same time are the same. But there are a few benefits to having the procedure on the same day:

– Minimal scarring and less removal of skin
– Less expensive than having them separately
– Faster overall recovery period

But the best advantage to having an augmentation-mastopexy is the overall result. Your breasts will not only look fuller with the augmentation, but they will also be perkier. Undergoing both procedures simultaneously saves you time from booking time off work to resting at home to recover.

Fat Transfer

Have you ever wished that you could take the fat off your thighs or tummy and place it on your breasts instead? With the help of modern technology, this is now possible.

Dr. Brown can harvest fats from other parts of your body and inject them into your breasts. This natural way of enhancing your breasts will give them an organic contour. Recovery time for breast augmentation with fat transfer is also much faster (about 3 to 5 days), and there’s very minimal soreness and swelling.

Although this process may seem like a more natural approach to breast augmentation, take note that it may not work for women who want greater volume to their breasts.

State of the Art Breast Augmentation in Tampa

Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery offers the latest technology for breast augmentation in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Joseph M. Brown is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has done numerous breast augmentation procedures. Contact our office for a free consultation.


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Introducing the Future of Breast Implants

Every day, innovations are being made to improve popular cosmetic procedures, but none are more sought after than breast implants. Lucky for us, the future of breast implants is, indeed, here with the newly FDA-approved Natrelle Inspira SoftTouch breast implants by Allergan. With better cohesion through the use of their innovative and highly stable gel, breast implants are getting a massive makeover with more improvements for those seeking round, smooth breasts. Read on to discover how these breast implants are different from their forebearers and if they may be right for you!

Headed by Dr. Joseph Brown, expert board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Tampa Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the most modern and innovative plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures available, including breast augmentation in Tampa Bay.

Customized Fullness and Shape

With these new breast implants, physicians are better able to customize and meet the desired results for their patients. The Natrelle Inspira SoftTouch breast implants offer a new breast-shaping option which combines a high gel-fill ratio and Allergan’s highly cohesive gel. This allows doctors to offer more customized and realistic breast texture, shape, and fullness. For patients, this means more options for specific breast contour and increased longevity with the results.

More Size and Shape Options

Another benefit from this innovation is that patients will be able to achieve a variety of breast sizes and shapes. Breast implants for both cosmetic and breast cancer patients will greatly benefit from this new cohesive gel. Both will have more options at their fingertips. This is especially great news for those who desire full, round, and smooth breasts as common irregularities and rippling are less likely to occur with this newfound cohesion. Particularly for those with little or thin breast tissue or ones in need of lower pole expansion, there are more breast implant options at their disposal. Doctors are also thrilled to finally be equipped to deliver specific requests for their patient’s desired outcomes.

Decreased Rippling and Irregularities

For patients interested in overall increased breast fullness, a more cohesive gel-fill will assist silicone implants in maintaining their shape while also reducing the risk of rippling and other irregularities. Specifically, for patients interested in smooth, round implants, there will be lowered risk of rippling caused by thin tissues or constricted lower breasts in need of lower pole expansion. In this case, these new gel implants offer a huge advancement over previous generations of breast implants.

Better cohesion also means that implants are more resistant to compression from overlying tissues, empowering physicians to produce the requested breast size and shape. Moreover, improved cohesion aids in the event of a rupture with implants as there will be minimal gel migration and distortion.

Cohesivity, Fullness and Feel

For those seeking breast implants with limited breast tissue, realistic breast texture, fullness, and feel are now within arm’s reach. Because of the highly cohesive gel, breast shapes, sizes, and fullness are more attainable than ever. Firmness and shape see more long-term results without common issues. More than that, previous issues with silicone implants will become a thing of the past as Allergan’s highly cohesive and stable gel allows for more realistic results than ever before. To learn more about the future of breast implants and achieve your desired results, schedule a consultation with Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery today!

Breast Augmentation in Tampa Bay

Our staff at Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery specializes in face, body, breast, and non-surgical procedures utilizing leading techniques and innovations, including breast augmentation in Tampa Bay. One of the top plastic surgery facilities in the greater Tampa area, TAPS offers a comfortable treatment space where patients can receive unparalleled and customized treatment.


To become a leading practice in providing plastic and cosmetic surgery to the Greater Tampa
Bay area through safety, fantastic results, and strong
doctor-patient relationships.

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