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Why do Plastic Surgeons Take Before and After Photos?

Some say photos capture the spirit. The truth can be much harsher. Skin sags, eyes droop, foreheads wrinkle; time takes its toll. Plastic surgery is a great way to turn back the clock. Everyone loves seeing the new, improved photos of themselves after plastic surgery in Tampa.

You are not the only one interested in your before and after photos. They are vital information to your surgeon, insurance company, and other patients.

Clinical Photography

Before and after photos show the specific changes your body undergoes during your plastic surgery in Tampa. Posing sometimes makes people nervous. Photos can be revealing or embarrassing. Plastic surgeons learn how to take quality clinical photographs in medical school. The main purpose of the photos is for the surgeons to assess their own work. In medical school, surgeons also receive training on how to counsel nervous patients. Feel free to discuss any concerns you have with your plastic surgeon in Tampa. Dr. Brown can help put your mind at ease.

Patient Education

Secondary use of before and after photos is for the education of other patients. It is important for you to examine pictures of a surgeon’s previous patients. How have their procedures turned out, in your opinion? Doctor reviews and reputation are important. There is nothing like strong visual proof to convince you of a surgeon’s ability. Some surgeons create more natural-looking results than others. Make sure your surgeon will give you the look you want.

Your surgeon cannot share your before or after photos without your written consent. The photos are as anonymous as possible. Your face will remain partially covered for facial procedures.

Understanding Your Anatomy

Everyone’s body is different. Models and other patients can only give an approximation of what your results will look like. Taking before photos helps your doctor teach you about the nuances of your anatomy. You will understand how plastic surgery in Tampa will affect your individual look.

At Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, the goal is to help you achieve the results YOU are looking for, not results someone else may want to create for you. The time Dr. Brown spends with you helps define your specific goals, without “up-selling” you on unnecessary treatments. They provide an inviting environment for questions both before and after surgery.

After surgery, you can compare your before and after photos to understand your changes better.

Keeping Track of Progress

One of the main reasons doctors take before and after photos is so they can assess their own work. This includes times when a patient has a sequence of procedures, like with a Mommy Makeover. Assessing the progression of changes helps your doctor update the surgical timeline. It allows him to keep an eye on how well you heal from each surgery to make sure you are ready for the next.

Evidence for Insurance Claims

Most insurance companies only cover plastic surgery when deemed “medically necessary.” They may base this determination on their own assessment of your condition. Before and after photos are evidence proving your surgery solved a medical problem. Many times, insurance companies need visual evidence to process your claim.

At Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, patients are educated on different treatment options that exist for a given issue, so they can make truly informed decisions.

Plastic Surgery in Tampa

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