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Best weight for body contouring.

Best Weight for Body Contouring

Body contouring is an umbrella term that refers to a whole host of cosmetic procedures. Generally speaking, body contouring removes excess skin and removes small amounts of fat to give your body more attractive contours. These are not weight-loss procedures. … Read more > >

How to improve your figure over winter.

How to Improve Your Figure Over Winter

Winter is the best time to get plastic surgery for almost any part of your body. It’s excellent to improve your figure over winter. Even minor operations like liposuction are best done over the winter months, as the timing allows … Read more > >

Woman with stretch marks on tummy

Does a Tummy Tuck Remove Stretch Marks?

Pregnancy and drastic weight loss are two of the most common reasons patients have for requesting a tummy tuck in Tampa. In both cases, patients aim to remove extra skin, and preferably, the commensurate stretch marks at the same time. … Read more > >

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