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WOman pointing to nose after nose job

How to Wash Your Nose After a Nose Job

The success of your rhinoplasty (nose job) is a responsibility you share with your board-certified plastic surgeon. You trust their expertise and attention to detail. Your surgeon trusts your willingness to follow their instructions as you care for your nose … Read more > >

Woman with a butt lift about to sit down

Can You Sit Down After a Butt Lift?

Can you sit down after a butt lift? A Brazilian butt lift is a serious medical procedure that requires specific post-operative care. In order to best protect your results, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests that patients should avoid … Read more > >

Woman about to have mini tummy tuck

Full vs Mini Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck can be a life-changing procedure. For individuals with large amounts of excess skin, damaged abdominal muscles, or pockets of stubborn fat, a tummy tuck can help to restore confidence as well as function. However, it isn’t a … Read more > >

Woman who is young at a good age for mini facelift

The Best Age for a Mini Facelift

A mini facelift is essentially a modified facelift that requires fewer incisions and focuses on the lower half of the face. If you’re trying to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible with the help of plastic surgery, … Read more > >

Woman who has had some popular fat transfer surgeries

Popular Fat Transfer Surgeries

Fat transfer surgeries, also known as fat grafting, have become some of the most commonly requested procedures in recent years. Although fat grafts have existed since 1893 they did not become normal practice until the early 1990s when a New … Read more > >

Several implants to show the current trends in breast augmentation.

Current Trends In Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery is just one tool that people use to shape the way the world sees them. As with all aesthetic tools including makeup, fashion, and other types of body modification, there are trends depending on whatever society has collectively … Read more > >

Why Do Lasers Make You Look Younger?

Laser skin treatments are increasingly popular among young to middle-aged patients. This growing popularity is directly tied to the fact that laser skin treatments are effective on discoloration as well as fine lines without scarring or significant downtime. Their subtle … Read more > >

The Importance of the Appearance of Ears

Our ears were designed with function in mind. The shape of your visible ear isn’t an accident. According to Johns Hopkins, those curves and almost tunnel-like structures are actually built to actively collect sound waves so they can be channeled … Read more > >

Keeping Skin Safe in Summer

Our skin is the largest single organ we have, and it serves a vital function. As a physical barrier, our skin protects our bodies from harm. Our skin also allows our bodies to retain moisture while helping to maintain a … Read more > >


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