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How to Wash Your Nose After a Nose Job

The success of your rhinoplasty (nose job) is a responsibility you share with your board-certified plastic surgeon. You trust their expertise and attention to detail. Your surgeon trusts your willingness to follow their instructions as you care for your nose after surgery. Let’s look at how to wash your nose after a nose job.

How to Wash Your Nose After a Nose Job

As long as you both meet the expectations set, you can be confident that your nose job will have the best possible results. To help make that a reality, we have put together a short guide outlining ways you can safely wash and care for your nose after a nose job.

Washing the Ins and Outs of Your Nose

You will not be able to wash your nose immediately after your rhinoplasty in Tampa. Your nose will be carefully bandaged and secured with a split to protect your surgeon’s work. However, as these implements are removed, washing the inside and outside of your nose will become very important for maintaining an infection-free environment.

Following the Initial Days of Healing

Your surgeon will provide specific instructions on when you can move into more aggressive forms of cleaning. By the end of the first week, you will likely only be dabbing away spots with a cotton ball covered in warm water.

After Wounds Have Closed

As your healing progresses, your surgeon may have you switch to a 9% saline solution to dab the outside of the nose. If your surgeon suggests it, you may also use a 9% saline solution to gently wipe the inside of your nose with a cotton swab.

Towards the End of Recovery

After a month or so of recovery, you may choose to rinse your nose out with a 9% saline solution. This process can be uncomfortable, but it is good for clearing excess mucus and dried blood without irritating your nose.

If your surgeon suggests this method, then always make sure your tools stay thoroughly cleaned and dried to prevent the introduction of bacteria.

Keep in mind that every patient is an individual, and your surgeon may suggest different techniques or a different timeline. This is simply a template of what post-rhinoplasty cleaning can look like.

In addition to keeping your nose clean, you can expect your surgeon to have a few more instructions that ensure the success of your surgery.

The Don’ts of Post-Rhinoplasty Care

The two things you want to avoid after a rhinoplasty are irritants and pressure. To make that easier for you, your surgeon will provide a list of instructions that details what should and should not come into contact with your nose in the days and weeks following your plastic surgery in Tampa.

Eyeglasses are high on the list. If you need to wear corrective lenses you should switch to contacts or secure your glasses with cheek rests in the meantime. There should be no contact with your nose.

Even more importantly, your surgeon will provide a list of products you can use on your nose and the surrounding area in the weeks following surgery. If you have a specific product you would like to continue using, you will need to clear it with your surgeon first.

Establishing an Individualized Plan

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have all their ducks in a row, then have a conversation with your plastic surgeon regarding post-operative care. If your surgeon doesn’t have an easy-to-read guide ready, take notes.

Note what the daily expectations for healing and cleaning are and what determines the transition to the next phase. It may be determined by the number of days post-surgery or your individual progress as reflected in post-operative visits.

A timetable that is specific to you and your surgeon will help you to avoid common mistakes that could delay healing or jeopardize your results.

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