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WOman pointing to nose after nose job

How to Wash Your Nose After a Nose Job

The success of your rhinoplasty (nose job) is a responsibility you share with your board-certified plastic surgeon. You trust their expertise and attention to detail. Your surgeon trusts your willingness to follow their instructions as you care for your nose … Read more > >

Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

While there are a series of butt toning exercises to firm and shape your behind, not all women achieve the figure they desire. Thus, many have directed their interest and attention to cosmetic enhancements and surgical procedures. The Brazilian butt … Read more > >

Are You a Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Not everyone wishes they had larger breasts. In fact, for some women, having large breasts and the weight of excess breast tissue causes physical discomfort and emotional stress. Just as breast augmentation can make smaller breasts larger, a breast reduction … Read more > >

Is Liposuction Right for You?

Liposuction is the leading cosmetic procedure to help sculpt, tone and trim areas on the body and to diminish the appearance of stubborn bumps and lumps from localized fat. This type of fat is often resistant to both diet and … Read more > >

Who is Breast Reduction For?

Having more beautiful breasts does not always mean having bigger breasts. It’s all about shape and proportion, and a skilled cosmetic surgeon can improve both using breast reduction techniques tailored to your unique needs. Learn more about your options for … Read more > >

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