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Woman who has had some popular fat transfer surgeries

Popular Fat Transfer Surgeries

Fat transfer surgeries, also known as fat grafting, have become some of the most commonly requested procedures in recent years. Although fat grafts have existed since 1893 they did not become normal practice until the early 1990s when a New … Read more > >

Several implants to show the current trends in breast augmentation.

Current Trends In Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery is just one tool that people use to shape the way the world sees them. As with all aesthetic tools including makeup, fashion, and other types of body modification, there are trends depending on whatever society has collectively … Read more > >

Breast Surgeries You May Not Know Of

Sure, we’ve all heard of a ‘boob job’ or breast implant surgery. But there are many options for breast surgery—including nipple surgery and male breast reduction– that you may not know about yet. Nipple Surgery There are a few different … Read more > >

Recent Trends in Breast Augmentation

A decade or so ago, you probably felt embarrassed asking about breast augmentation. But a quick glance at your social media feed today will show that women are now more empowered to seek enhancements for their looks. Plastic surgery is … Read more > >

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