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Woman with a butt lift about to sit down

Can You Sit Down After a Butt Lift?

Can you sit down after a butt lift? A Brazilian butt lift is a serious medical procedure that requires specific post-operative care. In order to best protect your results, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests that patients should avoid … Read more > >

Brazilian butt lift safety

All the Facts about Brazilian Butt Lift Safety

Curvier silhouettes have been dominating television and social media. So, it is no wonder that women all over the world are looking to enhance their bottoms for a sexier look. However, all procedures come with a set of expectations and … Read more > >

Are You a Before & After Photo Expert?

Why is looking at Before & After Galleries the best place to start your plastic surgery journey? First, it’s a fun, no-pressure way to test the waters. You can get a feeling for the plastic surgery “look” without even setting … Read more > >

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